Tips for helping your organisation foster a data culture:

Add data to your meeting agenda

Discuss and ask questions about your data

Create plans to track actions and insights

Pin the app for everyone

How integrating Power BI and Microsoft Teams together can help keep data
top of mind as you work through your day?

Speed up the collaborative process with quick access to your data.

When utilising Power BI from within Teams, you can use the @mention functionality in the Teams search bar to find reports, dashboard, and apps.

Type @PowerBI to search for any Power BI content you have access to. This feature is incredibly powerful when collaborating in meetings or chats and there is a question that can be answered with data.

Share reports with colleagues faster.

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing Power BI reports and data visualisations in Teams channels, group chats, 1 to 1 chats, and meetings.

Use the messaging extension in the Teams chat to share a rich preview card making it easy for your colleagues to open the report and understand what data you are referring to.

Chat about data with just a click.

Send links of reports, apps, dashboards, and individual visuals to colleagues within Teams chat or channels.

The links also include any applied data filters to help you add context to the conversation and bring the focus to the data that you are talking about.

Your colleagues can click the link to open the report with the specific data point.

Organise your reports with the Power BI tab.

Add a Power BI tab to the top of a chat or channel to help teammates find reports and make sure everyone in the chat or channel is accessing the same data.

For example, a Sales Quota report shared within a Sales team channel; a dashboard showing number of tickets and escalations shared within the Customer Services team channel; or Financial KPIs shared within the Finance team's channel.

Keep data top of mind as you work through your day.

Pin the Power BI app to your Teams navigation bar so you can quickly and easily access your Power BI reports at a moment's notice.

Having Power BI visible in your everyday apps is a great way to remind yourself to check and use data insights in your everyday conversations and decisions.

A helping hand from a trusted Microsoft Data Analytics partner

Successful Adoption

At Professional Advantage, we have helped many organisations across multiple industries to ensure a successful adoption of Power BI.

New Technology

We believe that the way you go about introducing new technology and the support that is available for users has a huge impact on the success of the project.

Power BI

Our consultants are very enthusiastic about Power BI technology and have helped organisations at all stages of the Power BI Journey.

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