Microsoft Dynamics GP Supply Chain Management

Take control of your entire supply chain and improve transparency with Professional Advantage and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

A transparent supply chain keeps costs down, maintains customer expectations, and ensures your organisation stays profitable. Dynamics GP helps by automating time-consuming processes, increasing order accuracy, and reducing time spend handling stock.

Work smarter, not harder


Dynamics GP gives organisations greater insight into their supply chains. It also drives efficiency through access to real-time data, automated processes, and the ability to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Stay competitive by perfecting every step of your supply chain, from purchase orders to returns.


Is Dynamics GP the right supply chain management solution for you?
Dynamics GP is flexible and adaptable. It can be tailored to suit any organisation regardless of supply chain management needs.

 Its supply chain management features include:

  •          Bill of materials.
  •          Integrate third-party applications to customise supply chain needs.
  •          Inventory control.
  •          Invoicing.
  •          Order management.
  •          Procurement.
  •          Purchase orders.
  •          Requisition management.
  •          Returns management.
  •          Sales order processing.