Microsoft Dynamics GP

Platform Options

There are multiple options when it comes to deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP;
it is available on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid combination. Regardless of how the software is purchased,
it can be deployed where the user chooses.

A lot of organisations are taking the opportunity to host their infrastructure in the cloud, and therefore taking advantage of the technology options available to them by doing so. Historically Microsoft Dynamics GP has been an on-premise only deployment, but with later versions and new technology relating to Azure, you can take that Dynamics GP application and host it in the cloud.

Dynamics GP in the cloud

  • Remove the requirement for individual organisations to maintain their own environment.
  • Predictable cash flow with a fixed monthly payment amount.
  • Reduced software maintenance and upgrade costs when software updates are included within the monthly subscription plan. 
  • Peace of mind knowing your system is safely hosted in compliant and highly secured cloud platforms.
  • Faster deployment, as there is not the need to purchase and configure infrastructure. 

Dynamics GP on-premise

  • Work without a dependency on an internet connection.
  • Maintain absolute control over your IT environment.
  • Own your hardware and software.
  • Able to perform complex customisations and integrations. 

Dynamics GP platform hybrid

  • Best of both worlds.
  • Leverage the benefits of new technology available with a cloud platform.
  • Maintain the ability to personally manage your own unique on-premise environment.

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