Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence and Reporting

Find answers. Make informed business decisions. Take action faster with Professional Advantage and Dynamics GP

Can you identify your most profitable customers? How about your most efficient suppliers? If you don’t know the answers– or can’t find out without IT support – you may need Dynamics GP

Why choose Dynamics GP for business intelligence and reporting?

  •          Uncover new data insights to drive growth
  •          Adapt your strategy to reflect a changing business environment
  •          Discover relationships between data and predict future trends
  •          Fast access to information like vendor pricing and credit balances


Go beyond basic reporting
Most accounting and business intelligence products can generate basic reports. Dynamics GP goes one step further. With Dynamics GP, you can analyse inventory movement, pricing and even warehouse efficiency.


Business intelligence for everyone
The days of information silos are over. Dynamics GP’s customised dashboard and graphs make business intelligence available to any employee that needs them, from executives to sales teams.


Is Dynamics GP the right business intelligence and reporting solution for you?
If you want improved visibility over your organisation’s most important data, Dynamics GP can help. Its business intelligence and reporting features include:

  •          300+ built-in Microsoft Excel reports
  •          All-in-one document viewer
  •          Analyse large amounts of data
  •          Create and analyse financial statements
  •          Create and share executive dashboards
  •          Forecast budgets with improved accuracy
  •          Predictive modeling
  •          Unlimited Management Reporter for designer and viewer users
  •          View SQL reporting services, Microsoft Excel and Management Reporter reports from one location