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It pays to have an effective workflow system in place. The best workflow system is one that is easy to use, centralised, consistent and which provides process visibility.

Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers on all these fronts. This solution features an advanced graphical workflow designer and advanced features to map real‑life approval processes that need to be supported within the system.

Key features include:

  • Powerful capabilities enable complex workflows to be mapped and supported using graphical designer.
  • A large number of approval processes are supported which then allow for the design and configuration of workflow processes to support most business needs in a flexible and auditable way
  • Draft workflows can be configured and tested before being activated fully supported with version and publishing control.
  • Workflow administrators are able to view all current and historical workflows and take action to cancel, redirect or resume as necessary.
  • For header and line type documents like purchase orders and journals approval can either be at header or line level detail depending on requirements.
  • Work item queues help workers control what they work on and load balance across a team.

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