Stay ahead of competition

In a business environment of ever-increasing customer demands, no manufacturer can risk being left behind because of underperforming or outdated technology.

Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a complete solution to support your manufacturing requirements. Using Dynamics AX you will reduce your time to market, increase operational effectiveness, respond quickly to changing customer requirements and gain new business insights.

Powerful, flexible and easy to use

Dynamics AX can take your manufacturing operations to a whole new level. Product features include:

  • Resources and their capabilities provide a more flexible approach to set up and maintain the machines, workers, vendors, locations and tools available to support the manufacturing process.
  • Scheduling engine aligns with the new model and can schedule resources based on their availability and capability. Both operations scheduling (rough cut) and job scheduling are supported.
  • Workers can be assigned skills, courses, certifications and titles all of which can be used by the scheduling engine to find the right worker.
  • Process manufacturing introduced to core product providing recipe management, co-product and by-product processing and more.
  • Lean manufacturing introduced to core product providing production flows, kanban boards and control, mixed mode manufacturing and more.

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