Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamics AX

Inventory - In Microsoft Dynamics AX can I store an item in multiple locations?

Microsoft Dynamics AX can replicate the physical layout of any warehouse in terms of locations and layout. These locations are usually defined as a co-ordinate in the warehouse and can include elements including:

  • Aisle
  • Rack
  • Shelf
  • Bin

Inventory - Can I create my sales forecast in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Sales forecasts can be stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX and are used by MRP as a source of demand when calculating material requirements. Advanced forecasting modules provide a selection of forecast algorithms to calculate this forecast based on historical information.

Inventory - Does Microsoft Dynamics AX help with FIFO (First-in-First-out) inventory control?

Microsoft Dynamics AX has the ability to track specific batches and serial numbers throughout the supply chain and can suggest transaction such as picking for a sales orders.

Inventory - Is Microsoft Dynamics AX a WMS? (Warehouse Management Solution)

Microsoft Dynamics AX is not a WMS but does have significant functionality to assist inventory control and warehouse operations for most companies in a variety of industries. Its advantage over a standalone WMS is that it's a fully integrated ERP.

Production - Can Microsoft Dynamics AX help me with Production Scheduling?

In discrete production environments, the route defines the sequence of operations required for production. Production scheduling can consider the capacity and any other restrictions including current load to determine production times. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 also provides the ability to include specific resource requirements such as skill level which is linked back to the employee setup in the HR module.

Bill of material (BOM) - Does Microsoft Dynamics AX have multi-level BOM's?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to support multi-level BOM's and production and can handle complex requirements. BOM version control and validity dates help ensure accuracy via user-friendly BOM maintenance forms.

Security - Can I control users access levels in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 comes with dozens of pre-defined  security profiles that can be assigned according to the role(s) of each employee. These profiles provide a basis to controlling access levels and can be changed to suit specific business requirements. Users can have multiple roles and their access is an accumulation of their assigned roles.

Alerts - Can Microsoft Dynamics AX send me an email when an error occurs?

Alerts can be defined by each user (with relevant permissions) to be generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX when a specific event occurs. They can be generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX as either a pop-up message in the application or as an email.

Workflow is another source of alerts that can be generated according to workflow rules which typically involve multiple people in the execution of a business process.

Alerts can also be generated from periodic batch jobs and reports.