Optimise business operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce empowers retailers to simplify their sales operations, personalise the customer shopping experience through unified commerce, improve brand loyalty, and provide intelligent business insights.

Key Benefits

Engage customers with personalised multi-channel shopping experiences

Build personalised omnichannel platforms to bridge the gap between physical stores and digital channels. Consistently enhance brand loyalty, promotions, and product information across channels and track customer engagements easily.

Empower employees to provide exceptional services

Encourage employees to deliver outstanding customer service by providing the tools that they need to succeed. Information is accessible anywhere, any time, with a 360-degree view of the latest products, promotions, up-to-date product availability, and location.

Enhance the customer experience with self-service options

Empower retailers to innovate and deliver exceptional shopping experiences for customers. Create a collaborative omnichannel platform where shoppers can always have access to everything, and compare products before they buy.

Better together

Transform how you do business, acquire new opportunities, and bring together people, data, and processes with business applications that help you manage your business and engage customers.

Finance and Supply Chain Management

Provide companies with the right tool and platform to manage their finances, manufacturing, inventory, and more, all in the cloud.

Field Service

Empower companies to provide excellent service, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance productivity at the same time.

Customer Service

Connect and unify data that enables organisations to better understand and engage with customers through intelligent insights.


Turn relationship into revenue by bringing digital intelligence into each opportunity.

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