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Modernise your talent acquisition strategies

Streamlining your HR processes can be a challenge to achieve if you are still embracing traditional talent acquisition strategies and applicant tracking. These traditional methods result in poor candidate experience, low offer acceptance, and roles that go unfilled for a long time.

Transform your HR Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Dynamics 365 for Talent focusses on transforming business processes by introducing new ways of hiring and engaging employees, creating a collaborative platform that empowers employees to better deliver on organisational goals.



Find, shortlist, interview, and hire the right people. Easily find talented candidates that fit the requirements of your job posts. Leveraging native LinkedIn integration allows recruiters to easily connect with candidates and access their information in real-time.



Allow hiring managers to create onboarding guides, trackable workflows, and to-do lists with defined job responsibilities and objectives, ensuring employee success from day one. Facilitate better connections and collaboration while continuous feedback opportunities drive transformative business results.

Core HR

Core HR

Empower managers and employees with centralised HR capabilities for streamlined processes. Automate workflows to reduce paperwork and reporting complexities. Provide more flexibility in implementing rules and policies to meet company regulations and requirements.

Key Features & Benefits

Hire the right people through collaboration
LinkedIn's Talent solution integrates with Dynamics 365 for Talent, creating a wide pool for the selection process, enabling better candidate sourcing and talent recruitment. It allows a recruiter and hiring manager to view candidate information, schedule interviews, and send and accept offers.

Automated processes
Talent provides an easy way for HR staff to maintain employee information from hiring through retirement. Automated HR processes allow easy management of employee retention and benefits, tracking of training, and performance reviews, as well as overseeing competencies. Additionally, absence policies and profile-based time management data can be monitored to generate pay information for export to a payroll system.

Simplified onboarding
With Talent's onboarding guide, it is easier for new starters to complete and better understand the tasks assigned to them from day one. It also helps new hires review and evaluate task priorities, settle in to their new working environment, and adjust quickly to their role, office culture, and team members.

Develop and train employees
Talent allows managers to set up goals and objectives, review and evaluate performance, and ensure employee compliance with required training and certification. This fosters employee engagement as they reach their career objectives, develop necessary skills, and leverage training courses for improvement and career growth.

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