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Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Signature by KEY2ACT (formerly known as WennSoft) is an industry-tailored financial management solution backed by world-class CRM technology. If you work in field services, project management, or equipment/fleet management, Signature can transform your organisation for the better.

Field Service Solution

KEY2ACT benefits

Sales and Service
Field mobility
time and expense
Document management
Financial Management

Sales and service

Give your sales and service teams the information they need to get the job done.

  • Never miss a revenue opportunity. Streamlined warranty and renewal communications keep customers up-to-date and help ensure repeat business.
  • Respond to customer queries quickly with customer information, service call, and billing information at your fingertips.
  • Improve customer experience with self-service account access. This also frees up your service teams to respond to more complex customer requests.
Sales & Service


Service, maintenance, and repair

The right people, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Access to details such as site equipment, service history, and payment status gives front-line employees the information they need to promptly respond to customer queries.
  • Integrating key variables (i.e. a technician’s experience, location, and availability) when scheduling ensures the most appropriate resources are assigned to each project.
  • Ensure that maintenance contracts remain profitable with detailed tasking and tracking functionality.

Field mobility

Remote workers should never feel out of the loop. Field technicians should have back-office access, no matter where they work or what device they use. 

  • No internet connection? Capture data using store-and-forward functionality, and update once you're back online.
  • Get paid faster by enabling technicians to invoice and receive payments in the field.
  • Make tracking tasks and parts simple with accurate job monitoring. Technicians can log details of each task, including time taken and parts used. 
Field mobility

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Equipment and asset management

It’s difficult to maintain equipment if you don’t know where it is, what it looks like or when it was last serviced.

  • Know exactly where your equipment is located, and what work it needs.
  • Keep tabs on acquisition and maintenance costs, as well as rental income and expense details.
  • Ensure fleet equipment gets serviced on schedule by creating scheduled maintenance records.
Asset management

Job and project management

Jobs and project management

Everyone wants projects delivered on time and under budget. Signature can make it happen.

  • Reduce manual data entry by importing codes and project data from other systems.
  • Respond to new requirements or potential delays faster with simplified change order processes.
  • Customisable workflows remind project teams of deadlines and dependencies to keep projects on track.

Time and expense

Know exactly how much you are spending on labour and other project expenses.

  • Make it easy to track labour costs by sharing information across departments.
  • Allow supervisors and project managers to easily monitor and analyse ongoing labour costs.
Time and expense

Document management

Document management

Upload, access, and annotate documents straight from Signature.

  • Capture and store documents generated in various formats (i.e. warranty information or maintenance manuals).
  • Import documents from and export to other systems.

Financial management

Make more money, get paid faster, and enhance your financial reporting capabilities.

  • Decrease time to invoice and improve cash flow with project and job level billing.
  • Improve cost containment and control compliance thanks to increased asset and cash flow visibility.
  • Achieve more accurate revenue recognition by using actual and/or forecasted costs to determine POC (percentage of completion).
Financial management

Supply chain and manufacturing

Supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution

Complete parts management made easy.

  • Gain complete visibility over your inventory, from counter sales to truck stock.
  • Integration across inventory, sales order processing, manufacturing, and distribution connects your entire business.

Business insights

Make decisions based on facts and data, not assumptions.

  • Access data, metrics, reports, and dashboards from one central location.
  • Leverage consistent data to query, build, and save reports.
  • Receive prompt notification of overages or exceptions so you can resolve issues fast.
Business insights