Meet your organisation’s information protection and compliance challenges

How do you solve the challenge of compliance and collaboration without dealing with completely separate working environments? It starts with having a robust and consistent workspace that balances productivity with compliance while providing your users with tools they actually use and love. That sounds like a tall order for any organisation, especially those needing to conform to rigorous data governance and compliance regulations such as the Australian Government Information Public Access (GIPA) or GDPR.  

The good news is that your digital workplace can have them all with iWorkplace, an information protection and compliance solution (built by our partner, Information Leadership) that runs on SharePoint in Microsoft 365. The solution makes achieving your data protection and compliance requirements at scale easier, more cost-effective, and more user-friendly.

With iWorkplace and Professional Advantage as your partner implementor, you can say goodbye to:

  • Siloed, difficult-to-use records management systems that your users resist adopting.
  • Sprawling teams and channels that make navigating and finding content challenging.
  • Difficult and costly to maintain on-premises records management systems.

iWorkplace: The smarter way to manage your digital workspaces

iWorkplace is a set of tools available through Professional Advantage that are designed to help you simplify managing digital workspaces, stay compliant, and
get the most from Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Smart Provisioning

Provision SharePoint team sites from pre-built templates, either cloned from other projects or Information Leadership’s stored smart template.

Smart Metadata

Enable automatic classification of files, with metadata automated based on a file location.

Smart Case Files

Allow coordinators to update case files such as personnel files, jobs, assets, meetings—anything that’s repeatable—without needing admin rights.

Teams Framework

Provide structure and usability to control and manage content and collaboration at scale in Microsoft Teams.

Smart Guest Management

Onboard guests into Microsoft 365 to enable end users to allow external users into the environment.

Teams Request Wizard

Empower users to safely create new Teams that they need to get work done.

Smart Records

Set up retention and disposal rules that span document libraries.

Smart Labels

Use native Microsoft 365 retention labels to protect files from day one, then dispose of them to a schedule. Smart Labels automates this at scale and with tricky use cases that are hard to administer out of the box with E3 or E5.

Smart Storage

Access and manage files from within SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams while storing them in the most appropriate system.

OneDrive Manager

Control excessive use of OneDrive and use OneDrive Manager to move files into the right workspaces in SharePoint.

Deletion Monitoring

Provide information managers with convenient views of files that have been deleted recently in workspaces as well as any OneDrive account.

How does iWorkplace help your business?

Conform to information protection and compliance standards easily.

  • Auto provisioning of folders with metadata automatically applied, making a Microsoft Team’s library fully compliant.
  • Get access to developed retention and disposal schemas.
  • Leverage existing Microsoft 365 security capabilities for building retention policies, sensitivity labels, etc.

Improve productivity by achieving strong user adoption.

  • Simplify user experience with only one place to go to file things.
  • Uses native Microsoft SharePoint Online user interface.
  • Avoid double handling of information between siloed systems.
  • Easier for Record Keepers who are mostly not SharePoint Administrators.
  • Provide instant access to audits and content control reports.

Lower total client cost of ownership.

  • Up to 80% time reduction in rolling out your content taxonomy.
  • Low-cost licensing: does not require Microsoft 365 E5 licenses.
  • Considerably cheaper solution cost versus other alternatives.
  • Self-sufficiency higher, so much easier to administer.

Want to achieve a collaborative, secure, and compliant approach to managing your organisation's content?

No matter where your organisation currently lies on the content management journey, we're here to assist you in reaching your desired future state.

Begin by accessing our complimentary self-assessment tool, designed to help you:

  • Gauge your organisation's current content management maturity level.
  • Identify actionable steps to enhance your content management practices.
  • Envision the ideal scenario for your content management framework.

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We have made it our mission to make 'convenience and compliance' in information protection achievable for every Australian organisation with iWorkplace. We believe that it should be easy and safe for your users to find, manage, and share the information they need wherever they are, whilst still being able to protect your data, simplify administration, and stay compliant.

We work with everyone in the industry but we have a strong track record of success delivering iWorkplace for not-for-profits and various commercial organisations. Several of the best SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consultants and industry experts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth will work with you to make your information protection and compliance aspirations a reality.

Discover why over half of New Zealand's councils and hundreds of commercial and not-for-profit organisations are using iWorkplace. Contact us to learn more.

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