ClubINTEL Business Intelligence for Clubs

The best-kept secret of Australia’s top performing clubs

Are you ready to attract and retain members and drive revenue? We all know that clubs operate in a challenging business environment, and competition for member dollars is tough. So what can you do to keep members coming through the doors?

The answer is ClubIntel – Australia’s leading club-specific technology platform. Improving detailed insights into membership to better tailor membership benefits.  Now every club can use data insights to gain a strategic advantage.

What is ClubIntel?

“ClubIntel minimises the guesswork to what members want from their club, what promotions, events, activities best engage members.”

ClubIntel gives your club the ability to make smarter decisions based on data. ClubIntel’s powerful analytics helps club managers achieve higher KPIs across turnover, revenue, wage cost, number of active machines and more. It's unmatched, actionable business insights give managers the ability to:

  • Get the full picture of what’s happening in your club
  • Collate and compare venue information, from gaming machines through to payroll and point of sale
  • Target members in new ways
  • Improve member loyalty and retention
  • Understand key revenue drivers
  • Plan resource scheduling based on service demand

Resource: Whitepaper Business Intelligence Solution for Clubs

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What types of analytics can ClubINTEL give you?

Clubs use ClubIntel to measure analytics including:

  • Turnover – track turnover of revenue, staff and members
  • Revenue – measure revenue across time, across different dimensions
  • Wage cost – understand how much it costs to run your club
  • Gaming – see return on individual machines, as well as analytics on the real estate where those machines are sitting
  • Business unit performance – identify which bars, restaurants and coffee shops make the most revenue
  • Visitations – track how often members visit and what they spend in each part of the club, or view member spend this month compared to last month
employee costs

Is ClubINTEL right for my club?

  • If you have electronic gaming machines – ClubIntel is for you.
  • If you are struggling to get automated dashboards – ClubIntel is for you.
  • If you no longer want to rely on gut feel – ClubIntel is for you
  • If you have operational shortfalls – ClubIntel is for you.
  • If you want to link your gaming, point of sale and rostering automatically – ClubIntel is for you.

What makes ClubINTEL unique?

ClubIntel is built for clubs. And unlike system-based providers that only offer a snapshot of data from select sources, it provides a full view of your most important club data, no matter where it’s stored.

Other ClubIntel points of difference include:

  • Go beyond P&L, balance sheet and profitability and board reports – ClubIntel offers analytics and data explanation so you can see patterns in your data
  • You own your information – your data isn’t held at ransom by a third party
  • Real-time access to information across systems in a single visual dashboard
  • Auto populated key metrics at a glance – revenue, turnover, wage cost, number of active machines, visitations and more
  • Drive your business with data – if members are spending less this month than last month, ClubIntel helps you measure and identify what needs to change daily, which allows you to address this instantly via your marketing activities.
ClubIntel power to make informed decisions


“ClubIntel gives us the ability to measure where we spend our money, and determine whether we’re getting the best bang for our buck.”

- Panthers Group CFO Mathew Luszcynski


“ClubIntel is interactive and allows users to drill down and make decisions based on real, live data. ClubIntel provides a single solution, with close to real-time data access, so that our managers can make smarter decisions.”

– Campbelltown Catholic Club executive manager Roger Cubitt

“There is a lot of data in different sources, and that data is powerful. But if we can’t access that information in real-time, we can’t make timely decisions.”

- Group CFO Club


“After an arduous due diligence across at least half a dozen BI solutions, we concluded that ClubINTEL, as an easy to use solution that is tailor made for the club industry, was the right one for us.”

– Former West Ashfield CFO Basil Jong


How we make sure your ClubINTEL project is successful

Professional Advantage is the largest and most trusted system-independent provider in Australia. Our award-winning ClubIntel consultants and solution architects understand the unique challenges clubs face. They have the experience to guide your club to a successful implementation.

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