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ClubIntel helps you make the most out of your data. Pulling together all of your venue information, from gaming machines through to your payroll, rostering and POS transactions, ClubIntel then does the hard work for you allowing you to slice and dice the information any way you want, anytime you want, helping you make the most from your Club. 


What is ClubIntel?

ClubIntel helps key roles within clubs such as gaming, operations, finance & marketing managers get the most value from their business data by providing them with the ability to: 

  • Better understand their member and their member behaviours
  • Design more tailored rewards and loyalty programmes to increase member attendance and gaming activities
  • Offer more targeted marketing & measure results of marketing efforts 
  • Plan resource scheduling based on service demand
  • Monitor key revenue influencers for clubs and plan accordingly

Resource: Whitepaper Business Intelligence Solution for Clubs

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What types of analysis can ClubIntel give you?

Some of the information your club managers can get are: 

  • Profit, turnover, visitation, actual vs forecast - see how much your payroll and rostering is costing your club vs revenue over time.
  • Member spend by visitation - see what your members spend (across gaming and POS) and how frequently they visit, you can then plan your marketing activities to target these members.
  • View your entire gaming floor as well as each individual machines, helping you make changes to your floor such as removing under-performing EGMs.
  • Optimise your floor - see your occupancy by ADT to identify your high performing games and those that are heavily utilised but aren’t generating comparable turnover.
  • Quickly identify trends, giving you the power to be more responsive and proactive.
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Gaming Managers, Operations Managers, Marketing Managers, Finance Managers, General Managers, pretty much anyone that has responsibility for day-to-day management of a club's success.

What makes a ClubIntel great?

ClubIntel gives Club Managers the information they need in a visual dashboard in real time. With ClubIntel you can:

  • View your key metrics at a glance – profit, turnover, visitation, actual vs forecast, rostering/payroll, traffic, POS and more
  • Better know your players and give them more of what they want
  • Identify trends allowing you to take corrective action
  • Oversee your entire gaming floor or drill down to individual machine
ClubIntel power to make informed decisions

Panthers Group signs on with ClubIntel

"We investigated a number of other solutions before selecting ClubIntel. A lot of systems claim they can do what ClubIntel does, but they're not club specific and the don't have the same track record."

Panthers Group CFO - Mathew Luszcynski

How we make sure your ClubIntel project is successful

Let’s face it. No one wants to invest in a business intelligence solution like ClubIntel that doesn’t live up to expectations. That’s why Professional Advantage is committed to helping clubs:

  • Minimise risk
  • Maximise ROI
  • Support long-term end user adoption
  • Helping Clubs improve the quality of their data to get better results

Our award-winning ClubIntel consultants and solution architects have the experience to guide your club on its journey to a successful implementation.

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