Gain a full view of your club

Clubs collect vast amounts of data every day, but this information is often stored in multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. This makes it difficult to accurately measure club performance, as data is locked up in disparate gaming, membership, point of sale and events systems. 

The solution is ClubIntel, a business intelligence solution that helps clubs uncover, report on and analyse key data from all business units. From attendance records to peak food service times, ClubIntel supplies clubs with the data insights they need to ensure long-term success.

Gain a full view of your club

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Food and beverage sale data

Food & Beverage

ClubIntel analyses data from the club bars and restaurants to help minimise waste and optimise stock levels for peak periods. Not only can ClubIntel can also crosscheck food and beverage sale data with gaming and membership information, so you’ll know how much money each member is spending – and in which part of the club, it can also link POS data with Payroll/ Rostering to determine effective rostering by hour/ week/ month and measure against 6 week trends etc.

Gaming & Memberships

Analyse gaming performance reports and cash flow to identify trends, discover which machines are most profitable and shape loyalty programs based on data. But that’s not all. ClubIntel’s advanced data integration capabilities give you insights into average member spend, how frequently they visit the club and whether they’ve increased their turnover this month compared to last month.

Gaming & Memberships reports

Marketing on club revenue

Marketing & Events

Bring a sharper focus to your marketing and promotional efforts by identifying how much money people are spending in your club, and where. ClubIntel links data from all systems within the club to tell your exactly how much money is generated from club events/campaigns and measure the effectiveness of your marketing on club revenue. The result? Highly targeted marketing campaigns that get results.


With a detailed understanding of how members spend their money, you can make more informed investment decisions. Draw on information from your club’s most important systems to identify underperforming revenue sources and maximise the strong performers. Compare financial data to previous reporting periods, plan future expenditure and enhance your club’s financial reporting capabilities.

Finance with ClubIntel

Payroll & Rostering

Payroll & Rostering

Take the hassle out of staff scheduling. ClubIntel pulls data from finance payroll and rostering systems to match labour (costs) with activities (revenue) and ensure clubs have the right number of employees to meet member needs. This leads to more productive staff, a cost-saving roster and satisfied members.

Dashboards & Analytics

ClubIntel is a single point of access for business information including attendance figures, peak service times and gaming statistics. It’s a proven solution that integrates with almost any club system – from gaming systems, membership systems, rostering systems, point of sale software through to data stored in a spreadsheet. With easy-to-interpret dashboards and visualisations, ClubIntel provides all the information you need to ensure your club remains profitable. These insights can be accessed on a desktop or mobile device, so you will always know what’s going on – no matter where you’re located.

Dashboards & Analytics

BI for clubs

Remove the disparate system barrier

With ClubIntel, you no longer need to rely on disparate systems and 'gut feel' for the information you need to know what's going on throughout your club. ClubIntel is an overarching BI solution that provides what you need when you need it and keeps your finger on the pulse at all times, making that daily task management easier while providing you with a 360 degree view that supports long term strategy creation and executive.

You will be able to better identify what's working at your club and what isn't, what areas need improvements, and where new revenue generating business opportunities lie, all from the convenience of your desktop, the web or from a mobile device.

Powerful yet easy to use

Turn your club information into knowledge which can be used to improve strategic decision-making, enhancing the experience of club patrons and boosting the bottom line.

If you're a club executive, manager or board member, and you would like to gain complete control of and greater insight into your club's operations, ClubIntel is the ideal solution. To find out more contact Professional Advantage on 1800 126 499

Powerful yet easy to use