On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June, Association Executive Services (AES) is pleased to present their 2022 conference Associations Leading Change in a New World.  

Professional Advantage is proud to be a major sponsor of this event that will host a powerful line-up of industry leading experts, panelists, and keynote speakers who will deliver valuable insights and out-of-the-box perspectives that you can learn from.  

 “The presentation will inspire you to take your association to new heights.” 

Nick Koerbin, Executive Director, Association Executive Services. 

Over the last two years, the industry in general has been in turmoil, constantly adapting to different levels of disruption. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, associations relied upon a traditional business model focused on the provision of consistent services to members, including events, training, and advocacy. Association leaders were used to this traditional business model, with detailed documentation and experience keeping everything in order.  

However, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many associations had to change their business model overnight. Members that were once passive are now turning to their associations for guidance and support.  

The conference will bring together case studies and valuable expert advice focused upon the changes that had to happen during the pandemic, and what the industry faces now and into the future.

Some key topics are: 

  • Tax reforms that will impact on all NFPs.  
  • Successfully influencing government policy – case study.
  • Future association events.  
  • Thinking outside the box – membership engagement.  
  • Adapting to new technology – case study.  

 To learn more about this upcoming conference and to register to attend, visit the AES event page. 

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