Microsoft is officially retiring Skype for Business Online on 31st July 2021. This means that you will no longer be able to access this service as it completely halts beyond this date. Whilst it has proven to be valuable for many businesses and has aided in real-time communications, it is now replaced by a more robust application that goes beyond Skype’s capabilities.

Microsoft Teams is Skype’s successor combining instant messaging, voice and video calls, and document collaboration and application integration—all in just a single app. Teams has been available for you in Office 365 Business and Enterprise subscription models since 2017 and has proven to be one of the most indispensable communication and productivity applications since then.

If you are still using Skype for Business Online, you are missing out on Teams’ benefits that can help you level up your people’s productivity. Now is the best time for you to migrate to Microsoft Teams.  

Migrating to Microsoft Teams

We can help you transition successfully to Teams with any of the following resources.

  • Success stories – Read our client’s stories and learn from their past experiences and successes as you prepare for your own migration.
  • Microsoft Teams blogs – Read our consulting team’s latest insights, useful tips and tricks, and best practices.
  • On-demand webinar – Watch our on-demand webinar to familiarise yourself with how Microsoft Teams can enable modern team collaboration.
  • Teams Planning Workshops – Get expert guidance on how Microsoft Teams will fit within your organisation in this commitment-free 2-hour envisioning workshop.
  • Microsoft Teams Migration – Ensure a successful, hassle-free transition from Skype to Teams with our migration services, delivered by experienced Microsoft 365 consultants.

Alternatively, you may reach us at 1800 126 499 or email us at for inquiries.


*Note: Skype Consumer service and Skype for Business Server will not be affected by this announcement.

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