VIVA CONNECTIONS, one of the four modules that compose Microsoft Viva that serves as your internal company-wide communications gateway has these latest updates in its public preview:

  1. Updated Viva Connections desktop experience streamlines the deployment for your IT admins in the Microsoft Teams admin centre and enables consistent experience across mobile and desktop.
  2. New Viva Connections mobile app experience that shows the personalised Dashboard, Feed, and Resources and brings a seamless user experience as the desktop app.
  3. New Dashboard feature that uses adaptive cards that your people can interact with to submit expense reports, request time off, or complete a simple task. The latest release enables you to bring this feature to your home site as a web part.
  4. New Feed Feature for a personalised view of aggregated news and discussions across Microsoft 365 services relevant to your people that makes it easy for them to participate or share their views and expertise. This web part can now be added to any of your SharePoint sites.

See how Viva Connections work in this on-demand webinar.

How to get started with Viva Connections?

Take these simple steps:

  1. Add your SharePoint modern home site to Teams with the Viva Connections app.
  2. Add Yammer Communities to your SharePoint home site to easily broadcast company-wide information that can soon be centralised in the Viva personalised feed.
  3. Talk to Professional Advantage if you don’t have the modern SharePoint Intranet yet but you’re keen to use Microsoft Viva in your organisation.

If you need further information, you can set up a call with one of our Workplace Innovation Strategists here. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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