Featured Client: Mainbrace Constructions, Angus Greenwood, System & Innovation.


In these challenging and uncertain times, like many organisations, Mainbrace Constructions have been affected by the fallout of COVID-19. But in all this gloom I would like to share some good news relating to our IT and Professional Advantage (PA). We are currently using Microsoft SharePoint and with the help of PA, in just two sessions I have been able to create our organisation a Communication Hub.


With just two Microsoft Apps, I have accelerated Mainbrace Construction’s IT strategy 6-9 months ahead of schedule.

Microsoft Teams has now become an essential business tool at Mainbrace Constructions, in one week. ONE WEEK! The fastest adoption of any software. Yes, this has been brought about out of necessity, but none-the-less good to see. Future discussions with our staff about “working from home” will be much easier after all this blows over.

I would also like to add, in the last two years we have only needed to raise 2 to 3 support issues with PA’s service department. I believe they have given me the tools to grab the reigns of our SharePoint. They have delivered what they said they would and developed me into an in-house power user.

This has strengthened our relationship and cemented Professional Advantage as one of our key partners for IT services and future projects.

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