30 years ago (almost…give it another 10 or so months) this year, Professional Advantage was officially established in Sydney by Derek Rippingale and Steve Howcroft.

Fast forward 30 years and PA is still going strong and occupies offices in seven cities over three countries.

With a vision of creating a leading financial management software and service provider, Professional Advantage has:

  • Provided over 5,250 man-years of employee service over the past 30 years.
  • Worked with over 6,000 clients.
  • Completed over 4,500 projects in the past 10 years.
  • 333 employees that have worked for over 5 years, 159 for over 10 years, and 28 employees that have been with Professional Advantage for over 20 years.


Reaching the 30-year anniversary for a business is always going to be an achievement, and something that every member of the team should be proud of, but what we are really proud of is that it is 30 years of client success!


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