As part of our 30 year anniversary celebrations, an adventurous group of PA employees are taking part in a life-changing volunteering and sustainable project in Cambodia through RAW Impact. This May, the team will be travelling to Ta Skor Village to help construct homes out of treated bamboo for families living in poverty who often live in shanty, lean-to houses that are unliveable in the rainy season. They will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Cambodian culture and their way of life.

About RAW Impact

RAW Impact is a non-profit organisation founded by Troy and Nicole Roberts. They are passionate about creating a social movement and a hands on experience that brings about real change to the people of Cambodia. Their work includes:

  • Partnering with villagers to provide sustainable livelihoods through intensive farming and agricultural initiatives.
  • Providing school infrastructure and teacher training to increase the capacity of local primary schools so kids can thrive.
  • Creating innovative design and build projects to provide a safe housing, community infrastructure, and freedom from debt slavery.

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