iSelect is a leading Australian comparison service for insurance, utilities, and personal finance products. They have an advice system for Australians with a goal of selecting the most suitable provider for their customer, and subsequently reducing their household bills. With a head office based in Victoria, iSelect employs over 550 people and works with more than 160 brands and 12,500 products.

The organisation uses Microsoft Dynamics GP (Dynamics GP) for their accounting needs, and made the decision to move their solution support to Professional Advantage (PA).

Whilst iSelect were not wholly dependent on their previous support partner—they have personnel in-house who are particularly knowledgeable when it comes to Dynamics GP and are able to solve many problems or answer questions themselves—they felt there was a more proactive support partner available to them. Therefore, following their attendance at PA’s GP 2018 Launch Event in 2018, and with detailed discussions with PA, the decision was made to transfer their support.

iSelect particularly takes advantage of the offering from PA of events, webinars, and updates; at PA we ensure our clients are kept up to date with information regarding Dynamics GP in the form of informative webinars, in person seminars, and topical updates through regular newsletters.



If you are interested in learning more about Dynamics GP with Professional Advantage, including the support and additional benefits available, learn more or speak with one of our support transition experts here.

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