Sometimes a working relationship goes beyond the day to day of business. 
When we have a happy client, we want to share that with everyone; Lifestyle Solutions implemented Board with Professional Advantage and shared their story not only in a written case study, but at our roadshow of NFP events across Australia!

Lifestyle Solutions is a national not-for-profit organisation offering tailored support and services to people with disability, children, and young people in out-of-home care. Their reporting processes were deeply ingrained with Microsoft Excel, and so they took the decision to digitise their reporting with Board and Professional Advantage.

Following the success of previous Board related events with client input, Lifestyle Solutions agreed to take part in our not-for-profit breakfast series. Their Financial Controller was a key presenter in our events in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, sharing the story of Lifestyle Solutions and the role of finance in the modern disability provider.

We also completed a written case study with Lifestyle Solutions covering their work with Professional Advantage and Board, and their results, which can be found here.


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