Professional Advantage (PA) is pleased to announce it will be expanding its collaboration with business transformation specialists Oliver Wight. 

PA's Jonathan Marcer comments "Oliver Wight are the knowledge leaders in respect of best practice around S&OP and Integrated Business Planning (IBP). We, Professional Advantage, deliver solutions in to businesses where there are key considerations; either they have an IBP strategy or we are addressing core processes around corporate performance management, managing demand and supply, product, or services portfolio management."

"For some time now, PA has been focussed on leading the charge on better financial and operational integration in Australian businesses to achieve more. The benefits of getting this right are strategically significant, but I believe conventional approaches are holding many back. I first met Stuart Harman of Oliver Wight Asia Pacific at an event two years ago, and I immediately felt an affinity with the Oliver Wight message and a strong alignment between that and PA's technology approach and portfolio, and in particular, with platforms such as BOARD. 
BOARD is an all-in-one decision-making platform, equally suited to a financial forecast as a demand plan. It is about integrating people, processes, data, and delivering enterprise wins within one framework. The Oliver Wight message is relevant to all businesses of all sizes, not just FMCG's."


About Professional Advantage:

Professional Advantage is one of Australia’s most awarded technology providers, with over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations deliver more though its portfolio of industry leading software solutions. Our 250-strong team in 6 offices across Australia and internationally has successfully worked with over 1,000 organisations.


About Oliver Wight:

Oliver Wight has a 40-year track record of helping some of the world's best-known organisations reach and sustain excellent business performance. They created the Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence and originated Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) in the 1980’s. Oliver Wight has worked with clients to evolve S&OP into Integrated Business Planning (IBP). IBP is a best practice model for aligning a company’s plans every month and allocating their critical resources—people, equipment, inventory, materials, time, and money—to most effectively satisfy customers in a profitable way.


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