CRM Online is currently available in 130 markets and 44 languages enabling to offer side-by-side, Office 365 in the majority of the markets worldwide. With the inclusion of datacenters in Japan (recently announced) and Australia, both targeting Q1 CY2015, Microsoft's global customers will be served by 17 datacenters covering 6 global regions around the world.


This marks an important step for customers and partners on the cloud journey in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania (Australia GEO). By bringing CRM Online to the local region, Microsoft will be able to serve customers more effectively and with better performance while also ensuring compliance with local requirements.


In order to better serve customer needs for data residency and reduced latency, Microsoft continually evaluates where they should expand availability around the world and are committed to long-term investment in CRM Online and expansion over time.


This global expansion will enable Microsoft to deliver on the promise of increasing sales productivity while allowing customers to sell effectively, market smarter, and provide care everywhere to offer amazing experiences to their customers.


Microsoft is committed to meeting the growing demand for reliable and connected devices and services for our customers around the globe. We have heard loud and clear that our customers in the Australia Geo need locally delivered services. The growth of CRM Online in the Australia Geo means the needs of these customers are met in three ways:

  • Most customer data will be kept within Australia, except for Azure Active Directory data, helping customers meet data residency requirements. 
  • Customers who deploy applications to the new Australia datacenters enjoy improved performance within the Australia Geo as network latency is reduced.
  • Expansion in the Australia Geo also provides customers with the same level of high availability and redundancy as with datacenters in other countries/regions. Customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania will enjoy the benefit of a financially backed 99.9% service level agreement (SLA) and redundancy both inside of the primary datacenter where they are deployed as well as to the secondary datacenter in the Australia geography to help ensure ongoing uptime and protect against a major disaster in a single region. 


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