The Talon Group, the Sydney-based recruitment agency, specialising in the construction, telecommunications and medical industries are experiencing tremendous results after implementing Office 365 organisation-wide across their Australian and New Zealand offices.

The organisation had concerns around their existing IT infrastructure, including a mishmash of operating systems and software across numerous desktops, creating performance and compatibility issues.

"Rather than have everyone in the company running Microsoft Office off the one operating system, we had several", said Trent Thoroughgood, Senior Consultant at The Talon Group. "Some desktops were running Windows XP whereas others had Windows 2007 or 2008. The inconsistencies across different platforms created a variety of integration issues - particularly with our central database - and led to a lot of instability and system downtime."

Since deploying Office 365, The Talon Group has become a smoother and more productive agency, as Trent explains:

"With all our Office applications operating from the cloud and from the one platform, we're now more efficient in what we do. Our staff can now more easily work from home and other remote locations, and we no longer have the problem of technical glitches popping up all over the place on different operating platforms. It's also good to know that we don't have to rely on and manage our own internal server. Microsoft backs up our data automatically and installs upgrades as they're required."

Professional Advantage has assisted a number of SME customers to make the leap to the cloud with Office 365. Providing customers access anywhere, anytime and on any device, to their work critical files, whilst taking the battle out of upgrading, installations and maintenance.

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