The Pixel Perfect NPrinting version has been released to the market. The Pixel Perfect NPrinting is the new powerful NPrinting feature that allows you to create banded reports with an incredible 'wow' effect using data from QlikView tables, charts and objects.

PixelPerfect allows you to:

  • create charts, tables and sparklines using data from existing tables, charts and objects contained in multiple QlikView worksheets.
  • import images or charts from QlikView worksheets with pixel precision.
  • set your document to the right resolution.
  • customise your report using rich reporting features such as scripting, conditional formatting, table of contents, shapes, and your logos and images.
  • choose among different output formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office or other image formats.
  • Print Perfect your document to get a beautiful hard copy of your report!


For further information, contact your Professional Advantage account manager.

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