Microsoft has confirmed that it is phasing out Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP.


This development was first announced in 2013 and comes largely in response to feedback from resellers.


Kelly Obach, Manager of Microsoft's Executive Business Centre, said: "The plan is to basically phase out Business Portal as we release apps or modules inside Dynamics GP that provide the same functionality. "


Dynamics GP 2015, scheduled for release in December 2014, will not include Business Portal.


It is also our understanding that starting with the imminent release of GP 2013 R2, both Requisitions Management and Workflow Engines will become available within Dynamics GP itself. The requirement for SharePoint for both of these modules will be removed. As Requisitions was one of the core drivers for the adoption of the Business Portal within Professional Advantage's client base, this will be replaced with functionality within Dynamics GP itself.


The Purchase Requisitions functionality is streamlined within Dynamics GP and will allow for requisitions to be routed through internal workflow processes. Initially four workflows will be available for use in the new workflow engine, including Purchase Order Approval and Purchase Requisition Approval.


This new directional strategy from Microsoft appears to promote the use of the Dynamics GP web client for casual and remote user access as an alternative/replacement for the Business Portal and SharePoint web services platform. Look out for further innovation within the Dynamics GP web client space as this strategy evolves further.  

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