Thousands of existing Microsoft Dynamics GP customers worldwide can look forward to a new release of Collections Management. The imminent release (June 1, 2013) is part of a wider initiative that sees Microsoft transfer the ongoing sales and support of Collections Management back to Professional Advantage, the authors of the software.

"Professional Advantage is delighted to have a new release of Collections Management in the wings", said Brent Hitterdal, General Manager, Professional Advantage who explains "The new release features significant time-saving improvements, utilises collection plans to automate collection steps, integrates with non GP invoicing systems, offers Quick Start setup wizards, and improves reporting".

After twelve years of a successful OEM relationship with Microsoft, Professional Advantage is regaining complete control of the development, sales and support of Collections Management which will see the product receive greater focus.

To ensure a smooth transition for all customers and allow them to take advantage of the coming release, Professional Advantage is inviting all Microsoft Dynamics GP partners to register with Professional Advantage as a Collections Management Partner - visit for details.

With this transition, customers have a one-time opportunity to retain their full rights relating to Collections Management which they were granted as part of their Module Based Licensing or Business Ready Licensing package. Whether a customer currently makes use of Collections Management or not, by asserting their rights now they will secure their ability to use the product in the future at no additional cost. Microsoft and Professional Advantage encourage all customers and partners to read the announcements on CustomerSource and PartnerSource and follow the applicable instructions.

Further information about Collections Management can be found at

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