Professional Advantage is pleased to announce the launch of GP Support Platinum.


GP Support Platinum is a new, fixed price support service for Dynamics GP clients. It includes proactive monitoring and management of your Dynamics GP server, in addition to the technical support already offered for Dynamics GP under our existing Support Plus offering. This allows customers to focus on core business functions while allowing us to maximise the uptime of systems.


Why you should consider upgrading to GP Support Platinum:

  • Unplanned Dynamics GP outages can often be prevented if server monitoring tools are used.
  • A large number of Dynamics GP clients fail to patch their Windows and SQL servers, which creates an unwanted security risk. Issue resolution is often dependent on up to date server patching.
  • A Support Plus agreement covers support for the Dynamics GP application only, and not the underlying database and the operating system which are key to the uptime of the service.


GP Support Platinum provides the following additional benefits:

  • Monitor: Proactive monitoring of critical Dynamics GP server components.
  • Patch: Microsoft Windows and SQL server patching.
  • Resolve: Resolving issues with Windows and SQL server on your Dynamics GP server.


Our remote monitoring and management platform continually monitors the stability and security of GP environments to achieve maximum system uptime.


GP Support Platinum can be added to existing Support Plus agreements by contacting your Account Manager. For further information contact us on 1800 126 499. 

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