In our struggling economy and with the evolution of buyer behaviour, organisations want more effective marketing spend. As marketers, you are constantly asked to make the most of the leads you get, without blowing your budget.

Professional Advantage recently hosted events for marketing professionals in which over 85 attendees gathered at The Mint in Sydney and Eureka 89 in Melbourne.

Australia's leading direct marketing expert Malcolm Auld discussed the dramatic effects of the digital landscape on consumer behaviour and the need to diversify marketing channels. Malcolm's presentation covered real-world examples which gave attendees a great reality check! Many participants said that they found the sessions highly informative, taking away valuable insights.

Organisations increasingly need to make smarter marketing investments, so we asked our attendees to tell us about their use of marketing automation tools. The results were very interesting! More than half of respondents indicated they currently use some sort of marketing automation tool in their organisation, while the remaining indicated they don't have any marketing automation tools in place.

We also asked what their highest priorities were this year. The majority of respondents, 62%, said their priority was to improve their existing marketing automation solution or implement one. Only 38% said they need to start automating their existing marketing and analytics processes.

These critical elements are the first step of building a robust sales pipeline: 

  • Smarter marketing. 
  • More targeted & personalised campaigns. 
  • Increased customer & prospect engagement.

Professional Advantage provides organisations with an enhanced ability to manage their marketing programs through the application of technology to business systems.

We have developed a whitepaper titled 'Targeted one-to-one marketing'. This paper looks at the power and potential of automated marketing, identifying best practices for obtaining the most out of your marketing investments.

To read the Whitepaper please follow this link.

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