International SOS Singapore, the medical assistance company, has just completed their first XMPro business process management project with Professional Advantage.


International SOS in Singapore currently has a major internal project setting up a global shared services environment, based in Singapore. This project represents a major process and cultural change and the Shared Services Team was driven to ensure they were successful in meeting their stakeholders' expectations and get buy in.


The first step was to centralise key financial processes to Singapore. For this to be successful they needed a way to channel requests to the Shared Services Team, via an approver. Visibility was critical to them.


They selected XMPro as the strategic tool fundamental to the success of the shared services operation. The first process addressed was a request process. The request originator, the approver and the assigned person to complete the task could be located in different offices, in different countries. Visibility at each stage of the process was essential to the request originator.


The client's drivers were around visibility, rather than complexity in rules or integration, although their approval matrix did come with some detailed requirements, and XMPro gave them the solution they needed.


Professional Advantage managed a rapid, lean project for International SOS Singapore with a successful outcome.

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