The subject of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is a topical one at the moment given recent natural disasters occurring around the globe. This subject resonated with business leaders, with over 70 attending Professional Advantage's recent Business Survival Guide Seminar held in Sydney and Melbourne last week. The seminar focused on the differences between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, the key strategies in developing effective Business Continuity Plans and how to align your IT Infrastructure to meet different Disaster Recovery requirements. Keynote speaker Rinske Geerlings, Managing Director of Business As Usual, provided attendees with plenty of food for thought around this issue.

Attendees were asked to rate their organisation's level of current preparedness. Significantly, 50% of respondents indicated that their organisation did not have any form of Business Continuity plan. While a further 26% indicated their organisation had a plan that was out of date.

Attendees also ranked their IT Infrastructure focus for the upcoming year with 33% indicating Disaster Recovery is their primary focus, 21% selecting Virtualisation and 21% selecting IT Systems Management.

Professional Advantage, in conjunction with Rinske Geerlings from Business As Usual, have developed a Whitepaper titled "IT Disaster Recovery…. It's just the tip of the Business Continuity Iceberg." It is a valuable resource for organisation's looking to understand the key steps and strategies involved in creating effective Business Continuity plans.

To secure your copy of this Whitepaper, and to learn the 10 essential considerations for any Business Continuity plan, please follow this link.

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