Do More Good

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

An update

Many of you may have heard of both Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact, and the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. Tech for Social Impact’s focus is on delivering relevant, affordable, and innovative cloud solutions to help not-for-profit organisations of all sizes tackle the world’s biggest challenges.  Late last year their Fundraising and Engagement app was launched.

Professional Advantage was pleased to participate in the public preview of the next set of functionalities from Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: Volunteer Management. Some of you may even already be participating.

Volunteer Management is a Power App built for volunteer managers, or other delivery team members, to better manage the daily processes around their volunteers. Ultimately it gives a 360-degree view of volunteers and helps make the most of their skills, makes it easier to recruit, onboard, and retain volunteers, and manage the volunteering events.

The other volunteer focussed solution coming from Microsoft is Volunteer Engagement, which is all about the volunteers themselves. They access the Volunteer Engagement portal which shows them all the volunteering opportunities available, and then all the information they need to decide if they can participate. They can then accept or apply which is then available for the volunteer manager to see.


If you would like more information on Fundraising and Engagement, visit the link here. To get in contact with one of our experts, complete the form below, or contact us on 1800 126 499.

*Please note that because Session 2 includes hands-on labs, attending Session 1 is prerequisite for Session 2.