Today's professional associations face a number of day to day challenges. Attracting new members, managing relationships with existing members, growing the revenue base and keeping operations running smoothly all form part of the daily task of running a sustainable professional association.


At Professional Advantage on of our specialities is the supply and support of software systems that have been developed with professional associations in mind. Whatever your industry, we have a solution that will address your business needs now and well into the future. From customer relationship management (CRM) through to finance, event management, Business Intelligence (BI) and membership management, we can tailor a solution for your specific industry body.

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Our range of professional association software includes:


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enhances an association's ability to engage with members and reach out to prospective members. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales and marketing campaigns can be rolled out more quickly and more effectively. The solution also organises and automates a variety of business processes.



The QlikView business discovery platform turns data into insights through the delivery of self service data visualisation and guided analytics. Using QlikView, you will gain valuable new insights into your organisation – what's working, where new opportunities lie and where underperformance is occurring.



Developed specifically for membership based and not for profit organisations, UpBeat is a powerful end-to end solution the encompasses event management, finance, subscriptions, accreditation, membership management and sales and marketing. UpBeat's comprehensive functionality provides you with a 360 degree view of all your organisation's processes while streamlining and automating a range of manual tasks.