Empower your teams with what is new, exciting, and possible in Paramount WorkPlace Procurement.

WorkPlace, by Paramount Technologies, is an eProcurement suite with seamless out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It solves the common problem of delays encountered in paper-based or Excel/email requisition and approval processes.

It is a vital add-on for ANY Dynamics GP solution. And yet, our expert consultants confirm that not only are there still organisations out there not utilising Paramount WorkPlace, those that are may not be using it to its full potential!

We want to change that!

WorkPlace Wednesday
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In this webinar, the first in a complete series of Paramount WorkPlace webinars, we will be highlighting:

  • What is NEW.
  • What is POSSIBLE.
  • What is GREAT about WorkPlace!
  • What is TO COME in the rest of the series.

Add WorkPlace Wednesday’s to your calendar and discover the intricacies of this solution and what it can do for you and your organisation!

Who should attend

Procurement Managers   |   Procurement Team   |   Accounts Payable   
  Financial Controllers   |   CFOs   |   Accounting Managers   |   Project Managers

Who are the presenters

Bernadine Paige

Bernadine Paige
Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Consultant

Bernadine is a Dynamics GP application consultant at Professional Advantage providing systems that are well organised and easy to support. She has been working with Dynamics GP for 14 years, and has a passion for helping businesses realise the competitive advantages of working with GP technology, with a solution that achieves lasting value.

Michael Foertsch

Michael Foertsch
Client Services Manager

Michael is a high performing business professional with over 20 years' experience in the IT industry. He has worked in various roles including technical product support, business development, account management, team leadership, and strategic business management. He has a proven record of being comfortable and accomplished in helping organisations improve their business systems as well as leading and mentoring individuals’ personal development. 

What’s next?

Your Paramount WorkPlace journey does not end here! There is so much more to discover!

WORKPLACE WEDNESDAY will continue with episode 2, 3, and beyond!

Our team know that WorkPlace is too big of a tool to be able to cover in just one webinar, so we have created a series! Attend this webinar to get a preview of what will be covered in the rest of the series.