The multi-dimensional transaction analysis capability of the Analytical Accounting (AA) module within Dynamics GP is very powerful. It reduces the need to create multiple general ledger accounts, keeping the Chart of Accounts compact whilst still providing the required level of financial data analysis.

We have seen the AA module be successfully implemented in a variety of industries, whether it be to track grant funding and expenditure for medical research institutes, or project and employee expenditure for other organisations.

The versatility of AA is fantastic and lends itself to many different use cases. However, surfacing and analysing the data is not as easy. Extracting the data and putting it together in a meaningful way that uncovers insights can be cumbersome and time consuming.

In this webinar we demonstrate how Power BI can help Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting users to visualise and understand data.


Join us to learn:

The way Power BI facilitates the extraction and transformation of Analytical Accounting data from Dynamics GP.

  • How a not-for-profit organisation uses Power BI to manage project funding, expenses, and monitor their grants’ cash position in real-time.
  • How one of Australia’s sustainability leaders use Analytical Accounting to track expenses and then visualise the data in Power BI dashboards to monitor costs at a granular level.
  • A project-based organisation’s use of Analytical Accounting to track job related income and expenditure, and their use of Power BI to accurately analyse profitability by code.

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Presented by

Michael Foertsch

Client Services Manager

Michael is a high performing business professional with over 20 years' experience in the IT industry. He has worked in various roles including technical product support, business development, account management, team leadership, and strategic business management. He has a proven record of being comfortable and accomplished in helping organisations improve their business systems as well as leading and mentoring individuals’ personal development.

Greg Long

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Greg has worked at Professional Advantage for the past 16 years. His current role is as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant focused on implementing business intelligence solutions to deliver greater insight and knowledge to clients with their data. Previously Greg worked as a Dynamics GP Consultant specialising in procurement and service-based industries.

Don’t keep your Analytical Accounting data locked away in GP.

Learn more about how you can uncover insights with Power BI.