As an IT leader or data professional, you are familiar with the challenges of integrating data from various systems, a technically complex task that is crucial for informed decision-making.

It’s like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces that change over time and increase in volume. You are dealing with different data formats and structures, managing both on-premises and multi-cloud data while ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

In addition to these technical demands, you also need to keep the data secure and ensure compliance with regulations, manage costs and resources effectively, and deliver projects within reasonable timeframes.

Wouldn’t it be good to simplify the whole process?

Watch to learn about Microsoft Fabric. Fabric is an end-to-end data analytics platform that can help your organisation manage data more efficiently.

Key learning outcomes:

  • What are the advantages of Fabric as a SaaS offering compared to PaaS solutions?
  • How is Microsoft Fabric different in streamlining the data preparation and analysis process?
  • How OneLake is taking the meaning of a ‘unified source of truth’ to a new level for the whole organisation.
  • How Fabric can easily integrate with your existing data estate.
  • Gain an understanding of Fabric licensing and how it can lead to better cost management with simplified cost forecasting and consolidation of workloads.
  • Learn about Microsoft's comprehensive solution to unify data governance over all data sources and protect your data, tracing your data from beginning to end.
  • Overview of the Data Activator experience in Fabric. Track data, alert users, trigger events, or automate actions when conditions are met.
  • What is Copilot in Microsoft Fabric, and how can it assist you in the context of data analytics?

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Who should watch?

The content of this webinar is best suited for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, IT professionals, and other technical decision maker roles.

Presented by

Greg Long

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Greg has worked at Professional Advantage for the more than 20 years. His current role is as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant focused on implementing business intelligence solutions to deliver greater insight and knowledge to clients with their data. Previously Greg worked as a Dynamics GP Consultant specialising in procurement and service-based industries.

Travis Whitehouse

Business and Technology Consultant

Travis is a Data Analytics consultant who works to extract as much value as possible for clients from different platforms. A Subject Matter Expert in Power BI for both data modelling and data visualisation, with over 18 years in the IT industry and an MBA, Travis provides a big-picture perspective on his engagements.

Rebecca Gatehouse

Business Development Manager

Rebecca is dedicated to helping organisations improve via the application of technology. Rebecca has over 16 years of experience working with customers to achieve more with technology.​

Watch to discover how your organisation can simplify and modernise data analytics to deliver insights faster.