Power BI has revolutionised Business Intelligence, enabling a data culture where facts matter more than opinion. The rapid, customer centric innovation of Power BI continues to empower organisations to make better decisions based on data.

The challenge comes with the requirement to Plan, Budget, and Forecast within Power BI.

Kepion compliments the capabilities of Power BI with strong performance analysis and built-in functions such as what-if analysis, driver-based planning, management of assumptions, formulas, and drill-down all the way to granular details, all with seamless write-back to surface results in Power BI.

Join us to learn how to integrate Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting capabilities into Power BI Dashboards with Kepion.


Key learning outcomes:


  • Connect all your data—ERP, CRM, HR and, other sources—into one reporting data warehouse.
  • Create calculations with a code-free business rules designer.
  • Real-time writeback capability to Power BI.
  • Easily test multiple what-if analysis and visualise changes in Power BI.
  • Tie data insights and the corporate plan into one planning and analytics platform.
  • Improve variance analysis with full drill-down to business data.
  • Reduce dependency on spreadsheets.

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Presented by

Dennis Dalla Costa

Business Development Manager

Dennis joined Professional Advantage as Business Development Manager in 1999 and has seen major changes in both technology and vendors within the sector over the past 20 years. He has consulted within a large number of mid-market enterprises, helping them enhance their business processes via technology and advising on how best to deploy various technologies to enable enterprises to become 'high performing'.

Abdallah Saleh

Senior BI Consultant

Abdallah is a Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management senior consultant. He has worked with large implementation projects in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Australia throughout his career. He challenges customers to focus on business growth and performance management by providing them with a powerful and flexible CPM solution that supports their business.

The best of both worlds

With Kepion's powerful Planning Platform + Power BI's Analytics you can eliminate inefficiencies and high maintenance reporting with automated processes.