GP Modern: the way forward

This is the start of the new journey for Dynamics GP. GP is not dead.

In February 1993, a company called Great Plains Software based in Frago, North Dakota, launched one of the first multi-user accounting packages to run in a Windows 32-bit operating system.

Unsurprisingly, in 2000 Microsoft bought Great Plains to add to its portfolio of ERP products and continued its commitment to the development and enhancement of the product.

In October 2019, Microsoft changed the name from the well-known Dynamics GP to Dynamics GP Modern.

GP Modern is a name change and a change in support methodology; this is a method by which clients can keep on the latest version, like that of the Dynamics 365 product range. The commitment to development and support that started in 2000 is still a cornerstone of the Microsoft ERP product portfolio.

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What you'll learn

In this webinar, you will hear our presenters Keith Asher and Steve Rodionoff talk about the Dynamics GP Modern changes, including:

What this commitment means for you.

Understanding the changes in 'The Modern Lifecycle'.

An update on supported versions.

Considering your way forward with Professional Advantage.

Meet our presenters

Keith Asher
Client Success Manager

Keith has over 40 years of experience within the IT sector, and 15 of those have been spent working specifically with Microsoft ERP practices. He is an experienced strategic manager involved in the development and execution of organisation plans focused upon delivering key business outcomes.

Steve Rodionoff
Dynamics GP Technical Consultant

Steve has been working with Professional Advantage for more than two decades, focusing upon Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM, specialising in deployments and upgrades. He enjoys the challenge of streaming deployment processes, investigating ways to maximise system performance, and troubleshooting technical problems, and is passionate about all things technology. 

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