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"It is a fantastic product. PaperSave has functionality that SS&A Albury has not seen in any other software."

Julian Mudge, Financial Manager, SS&A Albury

Albury Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Club Ltd (SS&A Albury) was formally opened in 1946 and offers a premium entertainment venue in the heart of the Albury CBD.

Located on the border of New South Wales and Victoria on the northern side of the Murray River, SS&A Albury have a mission to bring the best to regional Australia with their high-quality food and beverages, entertainment, and customer service.

As outlined in their 2018 Annual Report, SS&A Albury is proud to boast more than 23,000 members, with almost 170,000 visitors coming through their doors in the previous 12 months, and hosting more than 2,500 members and guests on Anzac Day.

SS&A Albury has approximately 130 employees, both permanent and casual, which includes a finance team that utilise the accounting solution of Microsoft Dynamics GP for their financial transactions. This solution was implemented with Professional Advantage (PA) in 2012. In more recent years the organisation has been internally discussing the need to streamline their accounts payables process and implement electronic approvals for their invoices.

In August of 2018, PA welcomed PaperSave to Australia for our Paperless Microsoft Dynamics GP with PaperSave – Launch Event. This saw us take PaperSave to our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane for an hour seminar introducing the product. Due to their regional location, SS&A Albury were not able to attend the in-person events, but reached out after receiving invitations and learning what PaperSave could offer. This led to an online meeting between themselves, PA, and PaperSave immediately after one of the events, with a live demonstration.

"We loved the product from the beginning."
Julian Mudge, Financial Manager, SS&A Albury

Another key aspect that SS&A Albury had been looking for regarding an enhancement for their current system was to add OCR to their processes, reducing the data entry of invoices. During the demonstration, the OCR capabilities of PaperSave were clearly exhibited, as was its strong search functionality, which led SS&A Albury to sign up there and then.

SS&A Albury truly are a regional centre leading the push for new technology. They are always looking for improvements and developments that can save time and reduce effort. Therefore, it was no surprise that they were the first of PA’s clients to implement PaperSave.

A key win for the organisation has been the time saved for auditors. As it stands, auditors are normally there for at least a week, but this time is expected to reduce dramatically.

“From an auditing perspective, it is wonderful. We now have the ability to give auditors an Excel spreadsheet with links to all of the documents. We are expecting the process to take only a few days in the coming years.”
Julian Mudge, Financial Manager, SS&A Albury

Previously, this process had been highly manual and paper based.

“It is saving time across the organisation, and from an approvers point of view, it is perfect.” 
Julian Mudge, Financial Manager, SS&A Albury

PaperSave’s document management, electronic workflow, and invoice automation systems seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but don’t require the knowledge of Dynamics GP to use; approvers require little additional training for their part in the process.

In line with their continued desire to be technologically advanced, SS&A Albury are already on to the next product to enhance their systems. 

“Whenever there are developments in this area, we want to know so that we can determine if they will be useful to us.” 
Julian Mudge, Financial Manager, SS&A Albury

The organisation has recently begun a deployment of Microsoft Power BI, which allows organisations to harness the power of their data, enabling new data discoveries and analysis capabilities. 

This has been a journey for all involved, with PA and PaperSave utilising their strong partnership and working closely together throughout implementation to ensure its success. This process was made ever more efficient by SS&A Albury.

It has been a pleasure to work with them in the past, through the PaperSave implementation process as they paved the way for PaperSave in Australia, and on into the future.