The Salvation Army


PA Product

The Salvation Army required a new platform to improve communication and collaboration for 10,000 workers across Australia. A project team from key Salvation Army locations worked together with Professional Advantage (PA) to plan the new platform. The PA team worked alongside The Salvation Army, navigating current lockdown challenges to achieve their Intranet Project on time and within budget for an outstanding success.

Receiving the below email from the Lieutenant Colonel Neil Venables, Secretary for Communication, is humbling for the PA team who take pride in the work they do and commitment.

“It’s been a long time coming and I am so grateful to all of you for making The Salvation Army’s first national intranet a reality. Congratulations to you all, a really great outcome.

Your extraordinary effort is acknowledged and appreciated by all of the executive leadership. This will have a significant impact upon the organisation’s effectiveness and cohesiveness in mission delivery.” Neil Venables, Secretary for Communication, The Salvation Army.