How do I add a new delivery address in IPOS?

There are a number of steps to be completed before a new delivery address is available in IPOS.  And the steps vary whether you are using Infor SunSystems 4 or 5/6.

If using Infor SunSystems 5/6

The base address details for delivery addresses are stored in SunSystems alongside all other address details. The first step is to go into Infor SunSystems and add the new delivery address details into the Address Maintenance function.  Follow the same protocol for codes and the like as other delivery addresses.

The next step is to add the new address (es) to the list of addresses stored against the Business Unit.  This is done via the Business Unit Name function and then choosing Business Unit Address.  A list of already defined delivery addresses are displayed.

Add the new details.

Then in IPOS administration – the new delivery address (es) are available for assigning to the various group profile definitions requiring access to the new address (es).  Choose the group profile and open the list of sub nodes, choose delivery addresses.  The ones linked to the profile are shown in the top frame and the unattached ones are in the bottom frame.  Select the new one(s) in the bottom frame and use the arrow buttons to move them into the top frame. Click on the Tick icon to save.  

Repeat for all group profiles.

If applicable you can then change the default delivery address for a particular group profile by going back to the general tab and setting the new default delivery address in the applicable field.  Repeat for all applicable group profiles.

If using Infor SunSystems 4

New Delivery Address details are added in using the IPOS Admin console. In left hand tree choose Addresses and then Internal. Click on the new button to add the new delivery address details.

Once done then you need to update the group profile records as described in Infor SunSystems 5/6 steps.