Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Project and Job Accounting

Deliver more profitable projects with smarter time, expense,
and resource management.

Don’t let projects get out of hand. Dynamics GP has all the tools you need to keep projects on track, under budget, and well resourced.
From timesheets to expense reports, Dynamics GP makes project and job accounting simple.

Why choose Dynamics GP for project and job accounting?

Many of our clients choose Dynamics GP for project and job accounting because it helps them get paid faster. With Dynamics GP, they can:

  • Use resources more effectively.
  • Stay in control of project costs, even as scope changes.
  • Ensure accurate billing.
  • Invoice customers sooner.

Is Dynamics GP the right project and job accounting solution for you?

Dynamics GP is recommended for organisations that want better control over a project or job’s direction, cost, and execution. Its project and job accounting features include:

  • Timesheet capture, review, and approval.
  • Expense report generation.
  • Integration with financials, inventory, and accounts receivable.

Project and job accounting software solution


Signature by KEY2ACT is an industry-tailored financial management solution that provides immediate access to real-time financial information, resulting in smart decision making both onsite and in the office.


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