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The volume of building data and documentation is always growing. This presents daily challenges of data accuracy, awareness, and timely access, whilst increasing adoption of connected devices and cloud-based applications can multiply these problems.

An industry standard is required that will bring a uniform approach to how assets are classified, how asset related information is structured, and to facilitate locating the information that resides in various systems and applications.

Do you know about this new industry standard?

Are you aware of how you can take advantage of this new standard to enhance your operations using your existing applications? 

The Victorian Government has developed and funded an industry standard asset categorisation system and unified communication syntax called VBIS (Virtual Buildings Information System). VBIS is an open and freely available standard which provides a classification structure and unique VBIS tag that acts as an asset identifier, along with a means to locate information related to specific assets that reside in multiple applications. VBIS works with commercial application vendors to allow adoption of the standard and become VBIS enabled.

In this 45 minute webinar, Heshan Samarawickrama of VBIS alongside Dennis Dalla Costa will provide information about this new protocol and how you can best take advantage of it.

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Key Takeaways

Gain an understanding of how the VBIS standard can utilise existing data and application infrastructure to achieve enhanced operational outcomes.

Discover how implementation of a digital twin using your existing infrastructure can enhance planning and operations capability.

Assess your current system capabilities in deploying and implementing this new standard.

Meet our Presenters

Heshan Samarawickrama

Manager, Virtual Buildings Information System

Heshan is the manager of VBIS and is responsible for the development and deployment of the standard.

His experience spans across new offerings development, business transformation, business management, project management and engineering. He spent the early part of his career engineering and delivering BMS, Security, Mechanical and Energy projects and later moved into business management & transformation roles. Most recently he has led technology-based business transformation projects a global Fortune 500 company and a large national Parking and Security provider.

Dennis Dalla Costa

Business Development Manager 

Dennis joined Professional Advantage as Business Development Manager in 1999 and has seen major changes in both technology and vendors within the sector over the past 20 years. He has consulted within a large number of mid-market enterprises, helping them enhance their business processes via technology and advising on how best to deploy various technologies to enable enterprises to become 'high performing'.

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