Unifying Supply Planning and Demand Forecasting in One Planning and Analytics platform

Forecast your Cash Position with Scenario-Based Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow planning is an important tool for businesses when operating under ‘normal’ market conditions but even more so in times of economic downturn. Cash flow forecasting allows business leaders to assess their position in the short as well as the longer term, depending on how the economic situation progresses.

Undertaking scenario planning can help finance teams to evaluate their cash requirements. Analysing the potential outcome with different scenarios helps identify the best course of action and answer questions such as:

  • Which investment should be postponed?
  • How can labour costs be reduced to protect all employees?
  • What if payment terms to suppliers are temporarily extended?

In this on-demand webinar we share practical tips on how you can improve accuracy of your cash flow reporting, by backing it up with a bottom-up planning approach and data modelling.

Key learning outcomes include:

• Navigate uncertain times with timely and accurate cash flow forecasting.
• Easily change drivers such as AR and AP with automated cash flow reporting.
• Automate cash flow forecasts with an integrated planning tool and reduce reliance on Excel.

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Our Panelists

Rebecca Gatehouse
Rebecca Gatehouse

Business Development Manager

Rebecca is dedicated to helping organisations improve via the application of technology. With an understanding of their organisation, roadmap of improvements, and target business outcomes, Rebecca advises on the best approach and technologies that will deliver outcomes. Rebecca has over 12 years of experience working with customers to find, and get the most out of, the best technology to support their business.

Sophia Rainer
Sophia Rainer

Business Intelligence Consultant

Sophia is a Business Intelligence consultant specialising in corporate performance management solution design and implementation, and is also a CPA. She has over seven years of experience in accounting and BI solutions, delivering projects for a range of businesses, with new platforms providing transformational improvement for their budgeting, forecasting, planning, and reporting processes. She also has three years’ experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and one year with Dynamics AX/365.

Chris Catto
Chris Catto

Solutions Lead

Chris is a Solutions Lead at Professional Advantage. His career spans over 20 years and includes various senior financial and management reporting roles for industry leading organisations, as well as being a CPA. He has a passion and proven experience in managing and improving software applications, cash flow, team performance, budgeting, forecasting, executive management reporting, and product development.

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