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Professional Advantage is proud of our track record in delivering beautifully designed and practically architected SharePoint Intranets on time and on budget. We help businesses like yours to craft an intranet to share information, manage documents and content, collaborate on projects, automate processes and publish reports, allowing everyone to make improved decisions, more effectively.



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We have experience with SharePoint projects spanning a wide range of organisations across many industries. Our SharePoint consultants have designed and built projects of various complexity.
Through constant development and innovative customisations, our consultants add real value to SharePoint projects, providing our clients with industry leading expertise whether it be:




  • Use case evaluation
  • SharePoint Intranet Design and layout creation
  • Governance and Information Architecture Planning
  • Change Management project specialists
  • Project delivery
  • SharePoint development
  • Existing Intranet/Extranet optimisations & migrations
  • SharePoint User Training
  • SharePoint public facing website and Content Management System
  • SharePoint Support
  • Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
  • SharePoint Customisation
  • Improving document management
  • Retaining organisational knowledge with a well built
  • SharePoint Intranets


Our structured, balanced approach to SharePoint intranet projects means every client is assured of a great outcome in any of the following environments; On Premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud, including SharePoint within Microsoft Office 365.If you are looking for a Microsoft Gold Certified SharePoint partner who can offer you quality support and the expertise of skilled consultants in Sydney or Melbourne, Professional Advantage has the local presence to help. Call us today on 1800 126 499.

SharePoint 2013

Whether you are planning an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 from SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010, or are embarking on a new intranet or document management platform, Professional Advantage's team of consultants have the experience and product knowledge to confidently design a solution to meet your needs.

To help you understand how your organisation will benefit from a Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and document management solution, we have compiled an extensive library of content in our SharePoint 2013 resource site containing previews, articles, blog posts and checklists.

Visit www.newsharepoint.com.au to find out more!

Our SharePoint consultants help rescue failed SharePoint implementations too!

Often we are approached by organisations that have a SharePoint Intranet that isn’t meeting their requirements. Either it was poorly implemented, didn’t take into account organisational requirements, or is just plain broken. Visit our resources page to watch our videos and gain insights into the top 5 reasons why SharePoint projects fail.