Intelligent Business Operations Suite For The Digital Enterprise

XMPro's Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) is well suited to help organisations manage complex processes where the flow path is not always known in advance and where the failure of the process means compliance risk, monetary losses and/or reputational risk.


XMPro is a logical fit for processes that require high-priced employees and consultants and those involving:   
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Approval For expenditures
  • Insider trading
  • Customer On boarding
  • Credit approvals
  • Product launch
  • Sales opportunity pursuits
  • Deal & price optimisation


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The solution for businesses with a clear vision

A super flexible BPM solution, XMPro lets you integrate predictive analytics plus social and mobile technologies into all your key processes along with the apps that enable them.

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Social Collaboration
Capture social discussions about the case or individual transactions as part of the process audit trail.
Case Management
Manage unstructured knowledge as dynamic processes without pre-defined workflow paths. The flexibility your workforce needs.
Document Management
Keep everyone on the same page by integrating the case files with your document and records management environment.
Enable workflow and business rules for your governance requirements, ensuring that all essential information is captured.
Application Integration
Connect and integrate other business systems on-premise or in the cloud with your built-in platform.
Predictive Analytics
Confidently make informed decisions supported by embedded live intelligence within any process step.

Example of Processes

XMPro can support almost every workflow and event management scenario. We have used XMPro to address a number of areas including:



  • Health and Safety Essential (HSE), Workplace Health & Safety (WH&E), Zero Harm
  • Job and time management
  • Asset utilisation management
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) capture and tracking
  • Financial services trading governance
  • Quality management
  • Security procedures 
  • Work requests

Human Resources (HR)

  • Onboarding to termination
  • Policies and procedures compliance
  • Training and certification management


  • Credit card and expenses management 
  • Oil and gas industry - Approval for Expenditure (AFE)
  • Joint venture process management
  • Shared services operations
  • Master data management
  • Customer onboarding to complex invoicing

"Don't make me go somewhere. Just let me do something."

XMPro supports 4 critical attributes to intelligent business operations:


Unstructured processes

Not based on predefined or structured workflow processes, but rather on "case-style" events where the flow path is not always known in advance and where the failure of the process means compliance risk, monetary loss and/or reputational risk.

Dynamic processes

Some tasks and steps need to be context aware and can adapt dynamically to offer a "next best action" to support the scenario at hand.

Social processes

Online collaboration is a common tool for knowledge workers today and informal social conversations are often as important as the formal activities or transactions. Capture these conversations as part of the improvement cycle, audit trail and risk assessment.

Mobile processes

"Build once, use anywhere" allows users to fully engage processes from their mobile devices.
It delivers to any web enabled mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile phone. E.g. a manager can start a new employee recruitment request, an executive can approve it on a BlackBerry and HR can process the request all through XMPro.



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