Business Intelligence & Reporting for Registered Clubs

If you're involved in running a registered club, you know how challenging it can be to successfully manage multiple business units, keep operations running at a profit and continually attract and retain members.


ClubIntel is a Business Intelligence (BI) software solution that is designed to meet these challenges.


Delivering a complete view of your club's operations, ClubIntel enables you to uncover, report on and analyse key data from each of your club's business units and processes. From attendance numbers and peak service times through to food and beverage, point‑of‑sale, gaming and gym statistics, ClubIntel provides a single point of access for all critical business information.


ClubIntel is an easy‑to‑use and cost‑effective system that is built on familiar QlikView technology. As well as enabling you to stay on top of your club's various business operations, ClubIntel gives you the power to turn club information into knowledge. This knowledge can be used to improve strategic decision-making, enhance the experience of club patrons and boost the bottom line.


Watch the short video below to get a 90 second overview on how ClubIntel can help your club. 





Amongst other benefits, ClubIntel enables you to:

  • Capture vast volumes of information from a variety of club sources.
  • Know precisely what sales are being generated from club events and other activities.
  • Identify what people are spending in your club, and where.
  • Retain existing members and attract new members.
  • Quickly and easily measure KPIs.
  • Benchmark your club's performance against comparable clubs.
  • Identify under‑performing revenue sources and maximise the strong performers.
  • Improve the flow of information throughout the club.

For club managers and board members who would like to gain complete control of, and greater insight into, their club's operations, ClubIntel is a solution well‑worth exploring. 


If you are looking for a Business Intelligence partner specialising in the Clubs industry, who can offer you quality support and the expertise of skilled consultants in  Sydney,  Melbourne,  Brisbane or  Perth, Professional Advantage has the local presence to help. Call us today on 1800 126 499.   



With ClubIntel we can help you consolidate your data to provide you with the information you need and the ability to: 

  • Capture a vast amount of information from a variety of sources: gaming systems, food and beverage and your financials
  • Know what sales are actually being generated from events you organise to bring people into your club
  • Recognise what and where people are actually spending in your club
  • Optimise stock levels for events
  • Quickly and easily measure KPIs
  • Benefit from being able to benchmark against other clubs


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