Get a clearer view of what is happening in your club

Professional Advantage understands the importance of having a clear view of what is going on in your club. With many systems performing many different functions, collecting vast amounts of information on members, ClubIntel, a business intelligence solution by Professional Advantage can help you access this information quickly and easily.


We designed ClubIntel to provide clubs an easy and cost effective start to their Business intelligence solution. ClubIntel will give you a complete view into your club operations that has not been available to you before.


With ClubIntel we can help you turn information into knowledge to make better business decisions.



With ClubIntel we can help you consolidate your data to provide you with the information you need and the ability to: 

  • Capture a vast amount of information from a variety of sources: gaming systems, food and beverage and your financials
  • Know what sales are actually being generated from events you organise to bring people into your club
  • Recognise what and where people are actually spending in your club
  • Optimise stock levels for events
  • Quickly and easily measure KPIs
  • Benefit from being able to benchmark against other clubs

Providing our customers ongoing support is a key part of our business at Professional Advantage.

All of our ClubIntel customers can expect high quality support services through our support desk.


Professional Advantages Support Fast Facts

  • Over 80% of support cases are closed in 2 working days
  • Support Staff have over 6 years customer support experience each
  • Fulltime dedicated resources certified in Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • No case is closed until written confirmation is received
  • Free value adding services - webinars, user group meetings, newsletters
  • Online Support Centre for self service