Cybersecurity is a crucial component of any modern-day not-for-profit operation. Without secure systems and services, you leave your mission and donors open to all kinds of cyber threats. A cybersecurity incident could lead to significant financial loss, brand and reputational damage, and loss of confidence and trust from your donors and supporters.

This eBook is for forward-thinking not-for-profit leaders and executives who want to keep their organisation safe from ever-evolving cyber threats using an industry-recommended risk mitigation strategy like Essential Eight and the existing tools in Microsoft 365.

We have simplified cybersecurity in this eBook so that executives and board members like you can take proactive steps to bring cybersecurity discussions to the board level by helping you navigate:

  1. The common cybersecurity threats facing not-for-profits today.
  2. Essential Eight’s security controls and how it improves your organisation’s cyber security posture.
  3. Essential Eight maturity levels to understand where your not-for-profit is currently at.
  4. How Essential Eight and Microsoft 365 work together to secure your not-for-profit. 

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