Need a Little Help Formulating Your Business Case for Budgeting and Analytics Software?

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This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your ideas and receive immediate feedback tailored to your unique situation. The consultation with one of our technology advisers is a free, 1-hour online session. 

The Agenda:

  • An overview of your current processes and the challenges you are experiencing so the consultant can understand your current situation.
  • Discuss your organisation's requirements and the improvements you are looking to achieve from the technology investment.
  • Explore next steps and recommendations to support your Budgeting and Analytics process.
  • Apply a calculation framework to define Net Investment Benefits.



  • A brief document with a summary of recommended next steps.
  • A copy of our Building the Business Case for Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting technology workbook, complete with worksheets and prompts to help you formulate your case.

Our Technology Advisers:

Rebecca Gatehouse

Rebecca Gatehouse

Business Development Manager

Chris Catto


Chris Catto
Solutions Lead

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