XMPro process management accreditation


Unit Duration: 1 Day (On Demand)


Prerequisite: The delegate should have an understanding of the XMPro capability.


Who should attend: Business users and management and consultants responsible for assessing and prioritising business process opportunities.


What you will learn:   At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in the following:

  • Definition of a process road map
  • The prerequisites and planning for process road mapping
  • Benefits and role of process road mapping
  • Examples and case studies
  • How to facilitate road mapping for senior management
  • The role and use of the Professional Advantage Process Analyser
  • Tools and rechniques for road mapping
  • The use of affinity mapping
  • The use of critical success factor analysis
  • Defining and ranking critical success factors
  • Establishing monetary benefit and ROI
  • Assessing complexity and certainty factors for change
  • Results analysis and factors in recommending best course and actions road map


Professional Advantage runs a Process Management Accreditation consisting of three separate units:


1. Process Road Mapping 

  • Road mapping overview
  • Affinity mapping
  • Critical success factor analysis
  • Complexity and uncertainty analysis
  • Results analysis

2. Process Design

  • IDEF (0) Modelling - high level
  • Professional Advantage design standard notation
  • Context diagramming

3. Analysis to Design

  • As is, to be and to do
  • Brown paper process mapping
  • Indentify rules, breakpoints and moments of truth
  • Impact severity analysis
  • Determining actions


Acreditation involves course attendance and participation and completing assignments in the field / your organisation.

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