Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Administration


Understanding and maintaining the technical aspects of Dynamics GP …

Duration: Completed as a consulting exercise and will vary based on client requirements (approx half day)


The Technical Administration course is designed to give the IT staff the knowledge needed to install and configure client workstations and perform server maintenance. 

This course is designed for IT staff who will be managing the technical aspects of the Dynamics application.



Prerequisites: A local copy of SQL- A working email client


Who should attend: The person who is responsible for installation of new workstations and server maintenance.


What you will learn:

  • Understand the SQL2000/2005 user interface. Understand SQL Server and associated Microsoft Dynamics GP databases.
  • Know how to create, backup and restore a database. View the contents of a table.
  • Change a login password.
  • Create a maintenance plan and check to ensure that scheduled jobs are running successfully.
  • Understand the SQL Query tool. Create and run simple scripts.
  • Install Microsoft Dynamics GP and verify the ODBC connection between the work station and the server.
  • Understand and edit important files such as the dynamic.set, dex.ini, dexsql.log, report and forms dictionaries, FRx g32 files and chunk files.
  • Setup and administer SQL mail to allow certain processes and functions to be tracked and appropriate alerts to be automated.
  • Automate Microsoft Dynamics GP maintenance and setup a batch copy to distribute dictionaries.
  • Utilise the power and functionality of SQL to monitor your data through the creation of business alerts.
  • Understand how to liaise with customer service and locate important information in customer source including techknowledge information and service packs.
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